Friday, August 1, 2008

Disappear / Hide start menu , Desktop Icons Virus , Spyware

If you are facing problems like start menu bar and Desktop Icons has been disappeared and you are not able to run your any program from your PC. Here I am giving you the solutions for that.

:-) This problem is because of spy wares like Trojan.
:-) If this Trojan attacks you then you can not use your start menu or any desktop icons. There is only one way ( From my point of view or you can say because of lack of research I found this solution) to use your programs. TO DO that , Press ( CTRL + ALT + DEL) key , then Task manager will appear.

Then click

File -> New Task (Run ...) -> Browse ( select the program you want to use)

potentially you can use most of the program but you can not use My Computer. If you explorer then automatically it will be close only.

Now come to the point that how to solve this problem. JUST NOW I GOT RELIEF from this problem.

DOWNLOAD SUPERAntiSpyware from
download the free edition , its free and works fine.

then Install it . TO install it you need to follow the previous techniques that I have give early by using CTRL + ALT + DEL -> File -> New Task -> Browse to the download folder and select the setup file. it will be installed in your PC after you press ok. After installing it will ask for update the virus definition. Update it. without updating the definition it may not work properly.

Then when now the problem is how you can RUN the installed program. To Do that ...

CTRL + ALT + DEL -> File -> New Task -> Browse -> right click and click Explore .

In this time for 20 to 30 second the start menu will be visible then you run the program form the start menu ... be sure to do it fast. and then scan the whole computer and after scanning select all the spyware that has be detected and clear it. Restart is needed to

............. IF THIS process not work in your computer then Install another copy of Windows OS in another drive and download , install , update and scan the system with the SUPERAntySpyware .

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